Sept 2015 Of all the stupid shit he said to me, this small bit remains my "favorite". I laugh every time I see it. Realize that he's drunk. He had left and was gone close to a month. A lot happened in that month.

This Cycle In Action

Want to see how this cycle of madness works? This is the story; he's hoping to get into this home where he simply can't drink and they do intensive outpatient therapy. He'll let me know when he knows. What if it's true? What if he goes somewhere and gets "help"?.....(hold on, didn't we do this … Continue reading This Cycle In Action

The Internet & Bill

July 2015 He asked me out of the blue one day which ankle I had broken. I answered, but realize there are no random questions with him. There's always a reason he's asking. Several nights later he said (insisted) I was naked on the Internet. He was texting me at the time, he did send … Continue reading The Internet & Bill

July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 We had already been arguing and he was outside drinking. He came into the house and got into the bed. I got up and went to the couch because I simply don't want to be around him. I took my phone just like always. He came into the living room and asked … Continue reading July 20, 2015

Summer Fun

July 15, 2015 He was outside with a friend. He came into the house every 30 minutes or so and smelled like alcohol. I tried to ignore his presence but each time he would come into the bedroom and have more crap to say about how awful I am. This went on for several hours. … Continue reading Summer Fun

Just Another Drunken Tale

December 2011 About 3 years or so ago he left and ended up in downtown. I think we had been arguing and he said he just needed to get away. He called me up to inform me he was staying at a hotel for a few days šŸ˜³ WHAT?!? Thanks for the warning. He apparently … Continue reading Just Another Drunken Tale

Thanksgiving 2015

November 26, Thanksgiving I had sent him a message last night asking if he'd want to come see our daughter on Thanksgiving. It was of course he would and he missed her, blah, blah, blah. I did end up getting him later in the day and he did smell like liquor. Surprise!! However, he played … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2015

The End & The Beginning

I was told to keep a journal, everything he said and did, how it affected me or any of the kids, any screenshots relevant; in case we ended up in a big court custody battle. Only two people have a link to that journal and everything it contains. But I have shared several of my … Continue reading The End & The Beginning