Can We Be Cordial

January 1st 2019

“I don’t want us to be enemies.

I am sorry I didn’t do better by you … Can we at least be cordial?”

A random text, from a number I don’t recognize. Clearly no name is given, no real hint at who it came from. I do know the area code is where my stepsons mother lives. I thought it was her and she was probably drunk. He couldn’t come for Christmas and I was pissed at her for it, so I thought maybe that was her texting me from a different number.

May 9th 2019

“Can we please be cordial? Pretty please?”

Another random text. Again, no name. Between January and May I found out that the idiot had moved north near his ex-wife.

So when this second text came, I immediately realized it wasn’t her that sent the first text.

Why is he texting me?

What in the holy fuck does he want?

I didn’t reply to either of these and I never will. He has a new (imagine that) girlfriend. She’s the exact opposite of what he is and she’s being broken down and doesn’t know it. The saddest part is she has a son, around the age my youngest was when we got together.

Another two souls that just got on the train with the devil to hell.

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