It’s Been Awhile

I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess I’ll start with the “holy shit, not you again 🙄” story.

This fucking idiot (the one I’m still legally married to) is about 6 states away. Why? Because he went up north to make his ex-wife’s life hell, use the shit out of his son, and cause he had no where else to go. She lives with her “fiancé”. The part that pisses me off so much is the “fiancé” actually likes the ex. No surprise that he’s abusive too. I honestly think he likes my POS because it invalidates the abuse she (obviously imagined) experienced. Which is sick. I told her myself, any man I get involved will have to see him the way I do, otherwise I could never stay with someone who doesn’t.

Anyway, so yeah, he’s there. Begging her to pay for OUR divorce. LMFAO!!! AND asking her to marry him. <<<<< funny as hell; the adults made their stupid ass beds. However, his kid he gets stoned with every night, didn’t decide this fate. That’s what’s sad. I hear he’s becoming more and more like his father. I could bitch slap her for not keeping that child away from him. And yes, she could have.

They should get remarried. That’s my opinion. She always knows where he is even when I don’t. She keeps up with him, she let him come stay with her and the “fiancé” She’s always used her son as an excuse to keep up with the narc, but I don’t buy it. 🤷‍♀️

Hell, maybe I’d send her a wedding gift. 🔨

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