This Week

It feels inevitable now;

Just when the light begins to shine brighter, an eclipse begins again. This was a bad week.

This was a “hide the knives from the eight year old” week.

This was a “holy shit, this can’t be happening!” week.

This was a “oh look, another fake profile just to remind me you still breathe” week.

It’s just a never ending domino set-up. There is no end and even the beginning is fading away. Who knew one person could continue to destroy you long after they are gone. (Well except for the annoying damn FB accounts) But then again, 3 years isn’t all that long when it comes to having the tornado of a sociopath whirl through your life. He was here longer than he’s been gone, so maybe when it’s 50/50….?

I’m rambling. The beauty of isolation. I don’t have to explain to anyone why I’ve spent half the week crying.

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