Just Go Away

The devil always comes back when he really really wants something.

Did I mention his first request was on a Saturday? And that in his world, it’s spelled attourney. I know, I thought he was smart at some point too.

“Do you have papers?”

No, I haven’t had time or money to give a damn right now.

“When will you?”

I don’t know.

“How much?” (I managed to ignore him for another week)

Again, “how much?”


A week later…….

“You have the papers??? Just send them!! And if I EVER hear of Nate being in trouble with you again, there’s gonna be questions answered. IDGAF who you think you are. how DARE you???!!!! just send the shit. Stop being difficult.”

(I never had a clue what the hell he was talking about. But I also know that’s a tactic, so it was much easier to not fall for it)

I do not have papers.

I know exactly who I am. I never again must answer to you regarding a single thing. Nor will I.

Do not contact me any further. I’ll communicate with you through an attorney from this point on. Once again, I do not have any papers. I have zero intentions of contesting a divorce or refusing to sign any. I currently do not have any to sign. When I do, you will know it.

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