Guess Who’s Back

…….and wants divorce papers. Hahahahaha!!! I just paid off my attorney from the 3 county wild goose chase to end up NOT having him successfully served for custody. Did he honestly think I’d chase him all over Georgia?

However I politely replied that his state has attorneys as well, and I’d sign papers without any arguments. Well……..that was too much of an obvious answer and it didn’t put the ball in my lap; so then I had to hear about how he works four jobs and he’s having to live in a way that I just don’t want to hear about……according to him. He’s right, I don’t give a shit about his job status or living conditions.

I finally said I’d call Monday just to make him shut up and go away. I wasn’t calling anyone. I have a job (a real one, not four fabricated ones) And the way I see it, I’m saving someone else, they just don’t know it.

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