I Know You

I got a friend request from a bizarre profile on Facebook. Not the first time at all. But I wondered what had triggered this recent round of “let me screw with my wife”.

His birthday was a few days ago and someone I know felt the need to reach out and see how he was doing and tell him Happy Birthday. (i think she realizes now that was a bad idea) Last time they spoke, he told her he was “halfway across the country living at truck stops”. I said what that really means is; he’s been hiding in the woods outside my house.

Anyway, this profile was “Valient Thor”, because that’s not glaringly fake. Why in the holy hell does he think I’d fall for that?! There’s been more since. He’s now having things sent to my house addressed to him. Hey stupid, you haven’t lived here in 2 years. He has a new victim, if only they came with a flashing red light. More lives for him to destroy. More women and children for him to use and abuse. I’d love to scream “run as fast as you can!”, but we know that isn’t reality.

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