Bye Bye Baby

April 17, 2016.

That’s the last time I was face to face with the person that created this never ending hurricane.

That’s the last time my daughter saw her father.

That’s the last time my stepson saw him in person.

It seems like so long ago. I remember asking him for months if he wanted to see them and he kept telling me how busy he was….oh yeah, he had gotten a new job and predictably, he was stellar. They were ready to make him a supervisor after a month. Haha, everything with him was enormously over inflated. I remember my daughter staring at the ground and she wouldn’t look at him for a long time. I remember him telling his son all about going to some stupid shit (a go cart speedway or something) and thinking how that must make him feel.

His son used to text him and message him. His father no longer replies to those texts or messages. At all.

He will when he needs something he can use his son for…..

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