Everything is almost so obvious with him these days. His son was here, with me, for part of the holiday break. 20 minutes away. They spoke before he came, and he asked his son “does this mean I’ll get to see you?” He never once texted me. He never once texted his sons mother. To ask either of us about seeing him. He did not call his son the entire time he was here.

New Years Eve my stepson came to me at 11:40pm and was visibly upset. He said he was worried about his dad and that he’d tried to call him several times and he wouldn’t answer. I said “it’s New Year’s Eve, he’s drunk, he’s fine. Please don’t bring in the new year worrying about your dad, go spend those few minutes with the one who matters to you the most.”

He laid in bed with his baby sister for about an hour. The next day he got a text from his dad saying he couldn’t talk the night before. Duh. Cause he was drunk.

It didn’t go unnoticed by my stepson that his dad didn’t bother to see him the whole time he was here.

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