The Infamous Message

I got the message a lot of us recognize. Some of us have written it. Some of us have received it. The one that comes from the new supply, the new perfect love interest, the new angel waiting to save the day. The now desperate one looking for answers, looking to have their questions answered and concerns validated. The one that is no longer sure what to think of this wonderful person they have come to love and adore. The one that now questions how much of what they’ve been told is true.

Part of me thought “tread carefully”, we all know getting sucked back in happens more than once and anyone that validated the initial concerns is subject to an onslaught of hell, so I really don’t want to be that person. All over again. At the same time, shouldn’t I say “run like hell! No, you’re not crazy!” What is my moral obligation, my ethical obligation? I’m still clawing myself out of hell though, so I can’t hold her hand.

She didn’t marry him and doesn’t have a child with him. It’s easier. She got sick of his shit, kicked him out and now he has nothing. He sends me a text that said he won’t have his phone for awhile (not that I asked) and “hope you girls are ok. With all my heart. Bye.”

And here we go. I can feel the nurturing, sympathizing, caring wife creeping into the back of my soul. And I don’t like it, not one damn bit!


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