So I got blessed out by my stepsons mothers boyfriend…….first of all; who the fuck is he? Nobody. Not a single important human in my life. Second; I have little respect for a woman who can’t handle her own shit or let’s a man take over just so he can assert his asshole-ness. Why did I get a “stern talking to”…? Cause I haven’t taken my stepson off of my health insurance. Yep, that’s right. They can’t take him to the doctor or even get his medicine….are you fucking kidding me?!?? And I’m immature and irresponsible. Where have I heard that? Oh yeah, my husband gave me the EXACT SAME lecture one night cause I was late due to the fact I got my car looked at cause the “check engine” light was on. I remember him jumping up and down in the kitchen telling me that if I was his child I wouldn’t be acting like an irresponsible teenager. Lmao! I was the only one who worked. So anyway, stupid boyfriend already screwed up by acting exactly like my sociopathic husband.

THEN he says I don’t have “child’s” best interest in mind. WHAT?!? The one I fought to make sure stayed with me? The one that I fully financially supported? The one that crushed my soul to lose? The one who lived with us cause his mother cooked meth? THAT CHILD? And I don’t have his best interest in mind. CAUSE EVERYONE ELSE DOES?! Holy shit.

These people are trying to make sure he stays separated from his sister and step brothers. I have never met more self serving, self righteous jackasses in my life. They make me sick.

And then there it was……a panic attack, flashbacks from hell, the very thing I hadn’t seen in awhile. Because a man felt the need to put his ass in business that wasn’t his. I guess of all the “triggers” I have gotten past, asshole men are going to be the one I keep for a very long time.

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