He Was A Busy Bee

It’s been 9 months and I’m still baffled by the crap I find out. I stopped looking long ago but every once in awhile a nugget of “holy shit” information falls into my lap. While I was sleeping (instead of drinking and acting like a damn fool) my darling husband was calling people and pouring his awful, sad, pitiful, lonely, abandoned story out to whoever would listen. Or rather yet, to whoever would give him money.

So the story goes that I kicked him and my stepson out of the house and they were on the street with nowhere to go. He desperately needed money to get them a hotel room to stay in for awhile. He was in such despair and felt so hopeless that he saw no other way than to commit suicide if he didn’t get money for them. <<<< are you fucking kidding me?? Yet another example of the twisted shit they come up with and how they will use their own children for their personal gain.

This was around the time he rented an SUV and left for a month. He wouldn’t tell me where he was, but he told his son he went on a business trip to Texas. However, if stalking me was the same as going to Texas, than I guess that’s what he did. There were 5 people sending him a decent amount of money every week or whatever. Until they caught on one at a time and cut him off.

Ironically, I had enough of his shit and screwed up games and had finally seen an open doorway. I told him not to come back, that he left. Period. When the money well ran dry guess what? He miraculously loved us so much and desperately wanted to work on his marriage. I knew he only came back because he ran out of money, I just didn’t have the source or anything to back it up.

When he came back and I had no choice about it, I became severely depressed. Again. I still worked and took care of kids. He curled up on the damn couch, stayed in the next room with headphones on, or followed me around begging me to “fix my marriage”. For almost another full month, every day was a psychological torture session. He’d even wake me up to ask me why i didn’t love him anymore.

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