The Pathological Liar

This concept doesn’t make sense to me. He lies and lies and tells more lies. When presented with evidence on the contrary, he can come up with anything to say that counteracts or invalidates what you are plainly showing him. It’s a skill beyond my comprehension. Some people say they believe their lies and some say they know exactly what they are doing; I guess both exist. I do think he knows why he’s lying, it’s just not possible for him to tell the truth. I even offered him a large chunk of money just to tell me the truth about anything I asked. He said “as much as I could use that money, I don’t lie to you, I always tell you the truth you just don’t believe anything, so there’s nothing to say” Wow. I confronted him last night with something I had proof about and he argued that I was “being played” and to believe whatever I wanted if it made me feel better about being so naive. 

I was sitting here thinking “how does somebody not feel terribly guilty about all the lies and more lies to cover those lies? Hell, I feel guilty because I forgot $6 in cash for my sons teacher this morning.”

And then it made more sense. While at the same time amazingly scary. Someone was able to figure me out early enough to know exactly what emotion is my weakest and use it wholeheartedly to their advantage. Over and over and over again for over four years.

I’ll never have all the answers. Maybe some of them I’m better off not knowing. At this point, I can only go with my gut instinct, which is wrong sometimes. So what I think might not be right either. I hate being lied to.  Ironically, he used to tell me how he hates being accused of lying. He started saying that early on in our relationship, easily makes one believe that he’s an honest person……when he is 100% the exact opposite. 

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