“Escaping from the relationship

There are four ways that you escape from a relationship with a sociopath

  1. They die
  2. They get sent to jail
  3. They find a new source of supply
  4. You escape and hope that they will not hunt you down
A sociopath will not leave his latest victim, unless this is forced (through death, being imprisoned, or if you run and hide) until they have a new supply. They never leave a victim alone until they have a new supply.
People question, ‘why did you stay if it was that bad?’ or ‘why don’t you leave?’ they don’t understand, you cannot leave a sociopath, they leave you. Either they leave you, or they haunt you. Or rarely, it ends naturally, when you will no longer give, and they can no longer take, and neither of you care anymore. Too much has happened for it ever to work (this was my final ending) although we did countless endings prior to this.”
***taken from Dating A Sociopath

This is where the understanding part gets lost on most people. You do not leave them. I left. On my own terms, it felt good. To have escaped, even though it wasn’t easy. He discovered all his faults, how marvelous I really was, went to a rehab/psych facility, was willing to stay however long it took, loved us more than anything ever in the whole wide world……a week later…..ONE WEEK later he left that facility, told me I was a vile, manipulative, mean, selfish bitch, he “washed his hands of me” and if I didn’t stop contacting him he would get a restraining order. He said it took going to that place and being put on too many medicines to finally see how horrible I was. He was also 100% convinced I made them keep him longer than he wanted (apparently he tried checking out 2 days after he got there). They would talk him into 2 more days (maybe cause they saw he was crazy too perhaps?) I actually had some faith in him, he was convincing, believable, remorseful, you name it. I had very little faith, but a little none the less. He crushed me, that hurt, it was painful, I cried, I was shocked……he made sure the tables were turned CORRECTLY so that he was the one that left me. Only he didn’t “leave”. He killed the person I was even then, and a week later wanted to “redeem himself”. This is all a game of tactic.

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