See How That Happened? 

August 24, 2015 Monday

He said he was going to get an apartment today and he had an appt at 2pm.

He also stated that his ex had texted him and wanted to come see their son before leaving the city. He told her fine and wanted to know what time she was coming. He said her reply was vague and that she was “waiting on a phone call”. He was in a panic and said he really thought she was “up to something”, otherwise who could she be waiting on to call her.

Not long later he told me that she called him on the phone and he could hear her boyfriend in the background yelling about how no one could believe that he was going to move and leave his son behind to live with “that crazy woman!!” This only increased his anxiety over who she could be waiting on to call her. He asked me if we could please just pretend to be happy and working things out when she came to the house. He kept saying please do this for his son, can we please just be ok to everyone else for his sons  sake right now. I told him that I would make sure his son wasn’t in jeopardy and basically just agreed to “play nice”.
By now it was late afternoon, he stated that he just told his ex she could come see him again when it was her weekend to visit with him.

Now it was after 2pm, I had “agreed” to pretend like things were fine and suddenly I felt like I had just been manipulated into the ideal situation.
He was even in a great mood, planning dinner and looking through the kitchen. He said maybe it was when he stopped doing some of the things he used to do that I developed resentment and anger and maybe if he started doing them again that things would get better. I was in shock. I told him that we were way past me being upset over dinner. And that Monday was pizza night. He also changed his relationship status on FB back to married and sent me a friend request. (He had blocked me and changed it to separated a few months ago) I simply ignored it.

It’s black and white. Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. Up or down. I feel like there are two very different people in there.

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