Step Kids

I want to start by saying I love my stepson. I’ve moved mountains for him and will continue to do so. I’ve seen him transform and mature the less he is around his father. I have gone out of my way, put my ass on the line, whatever you want to call it, to make sure he stays RIGHT HERE! He deserves stability and he deserves to be with his sister and step brothers. All I want for him is stability. He knows how to lie, and who to lie to, he knows how to keep secrets and who has his trust. He understands the manipulative circular conversations, the never ending questions, the over analyzed body movements. He shouldn’t understand or know ANY OF THIS!!!

Anyway, my dear husband has never “moved a damn rock” for my children. Much less a mountain. And I do believe last night he jumped right on over to the other side of the tracks when he decided to go as low as he could………first off; my oldest is mentally disabled, the next likes my little pony, the next has ADHD and the next is having behavioral issues (no thanks to this bastard)…….he says some shit blah blah blah about my kids…..well read it for yourself

“I hope you get everything you deserve. go take care of you drug addict and whore sisters – maybe they will help you take care of your homosexual and mentally deficient children? im sure that will help … you can always hold high your darling princess as retribute – the ONLY kid you have that you made with someone that saved you from a long streak of genetic fucked upness … is that blame? or truth? wait … it came from me, so … i guess you can place that wherever the hell you want.”


The only mentally deficient “person” I see around here is him.

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