Never A Dull Moment

I tend to think I can set a boundary and stick to it. HOWEVER, he will find a way around it, whether it’s over, under, whatever. Eventually (and usually not gradually) i find myself in the same damn conversations. Didn’t you just hate me a few weeks ago? Wasn’t it 2 days ago that you were keeping me at “arms length”? Haven’t you been saying for three weeks that your plan is to get into some sobriety house/home place? So WHY are we having the SAME circular conversation about “us” and “our marriage”…..? Why are you asking ME what you should do?? Last I heard, you were convinced I had the last place keeping you longer than you wanted to stay. And I “tricked” you into going in the first place. And wasn’t it you saying that you needed to “hide” from me? Why in the hell would I jump in that boat again?

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