This Cycle In Action

Want to see how this cycle of madness works?

This is the story; he’s hoping to get into this home where he simply can’t drink and they do intensive outpatient therapy. He’ll let me know when he knows.

What if it’s true? What if he goes somewhere and gets “help”?…..(hold on, didn’t we do this three weeks ago!) Yeah, but he didn’t feel like that place was helping him and they just kept him overly sedated. (no….he wanted to drink and so he left) Well, he IS my husband and the father of my daughter. (and he’s NOT around acting like either one) Maybe he finally really DID hear what I’ve been saying and he really does see he needs help. (that’s what he said three weeks ago too) Maybe he REALLY does love us as much as he says he does. (this is what he’s done to me…he giveth and he taketh away)  When did this become “normal”?

This explained it wonderfully……

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