Everytime I think I’m “ok” he swoops through to make sure I’m not. He was nearby up until a few days ago. I didn’t know he was running off AGAIN. He won’t tell me where he is because he “doesn’t trust me”. Haha!! Really? He trusted me just fine when he “conned” me into going over there to sleep with him. (I hate to say “conned”, it’s my fault, he knows that’s one of my weak points……..if he’d just keep his mouth shut!) Anyway, he’s vague about what he’s doing, what’s his plan, ect. He’s driving me bat shit crazy.

Tonight I did what I was supposed to do two months ago. Cut off all methods of communication. As long as he can get to me, he can get into my head. Period. That’s the way sociopaths work. If you think you’re immune; think again. He’ll be back in some aspect just as I start to feel normal again. Just when I can think clearer again; he’ll fucking be back!

Have you ever watched a cat catch a mouse? They play with it nonstop, tossing it between their paws until it’s dead. I feel like I’m that mouse. That’s what I’ve become. A toy to entertain. I’d like to pack all my shit and move to the other side of the country. It still wouldn’t be far enough.


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