Just Another Dumb Game

He’s been very elusive the last several days. He’s “got a plan” to “fix his shit”. Ok, what “shit” might he be referring to? And what’s this plan? Oh, he doesn’t want to tell me because if it doesn’t work out, he doesn’t want to be called a liar yet again. Hey Einstein!!……..I wouldn’t call you a liar if I hadn’t caught you in so many of them. I do not believe there is a plan to do jack. I think he’s just being vague so he can go do what he wants to do under the disguise of “fixing his shit”. A trademark when he’s lying, be vague and say as little as possible.

Let me tell you; I am tired of his shit!! Two weeks ago (maybe three at this point) he was SO SORRY, and so ready to change and holy cow he saw the light and he finally realized he needed help…..to the point where he actually convinced me. I stupidly allowed myself to have a little faith in him. Now I laugh in that poor girls face (the one I was three weeks ago). He DID check in somewhere, signed himself out a week later, although he had started trying two days later, and then proceeded to tell everyone he needed to hide from me. He said TO ME he was done with me, had washed his hands of me, no longer had a single feeling for me except that he loathed me. I’ve never been so crushed by one single individual in my life! I believed him. It all felt too planned, too perfect, too calculated.

Well ok then. It’s funny how not even a week later he was ready to “redeem himself”. Just give him the chance to make it up to me. MOTHERFUCKER!! I gave you your chance two weeks ago! Now he’s never around, always “running errands”, and being oh so very vague. The best thing he could do for me would be to just go far, far away. I’ll never get a goodbye, I’ll never have closure, I’ll never work out an agreement about our daughter. THIS he will do to me forever.

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