The Internet & Bill

July 2015

He asked me out of the blue one day which ankle I had broken. I answered, but realize there are no random questions with him. There’s always a reason he’s asking. Several nights later he said (insisted) I was naked on the Internet. He was texting me at the time, he did send me the picture in question and all I could do was laugh. At first this was almost comical and the more I realized he was serious, the less comical it became.

This was one of the most surreal nights I’ve had arguing with him. He came into the house and was 100% convinced that was me. Told me to prove it wasn’t and he might believe me. What?? šŸ˜³ I have to PROVE its NOT me!! I pointed out that wasn’t in any room in my house and he said it looked like my friends house.
He’s an idiot, he has never been to her house. At one point he said to me “don’t you think I don’t know my own wife” and went on some more about the feet in the picture compared to my feet. No! You clearly don’t know “your own wife”.
Needless to say, I was beyond upset and completely shocked that I was being accused of something else! This went on for several more weeks. But rest assured that picture is not me.

Before this night came to an end I was asked “who is Bill and why are you afraid he is going to kill you?” Beats the hell out of me! Who the fuck is Bill!?!??

This was yet another NEW thing I was being asked about and I insisted that I know of no one named Bill! He was mentioned a few times after that by him “maybe one of these days you’ll tell me the truth about Bill”.

Between a mysterious homocidal Bill and a naked picture of my twin, I couldn’t take anymore of this crazy shit tonight!

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