Just Another Drunken Tale

December 2011

About 3 years or so ago he left and ended up in downtown. I think we had been arguing and he said he just needed to get away. He called me up to inform me he was staying at a hotel for a few days šŸ˜³ WHAT?!? Thanks for the warning. He apparently was drunk one night and we were on the phone. He said “don’t you have anything you want to ask me?” And I really didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. And he said “don’t you ever wonder about the gaps in my past?” Well now that you mention it…….NO. So the story goes he joined the military, went to boot camp, ended up in a fight with a few guys in a bathroom and beat one of them into a coma. Not being sure what to do with him, the military put him in military jail. He spent many months there, allowed outside twice a day for a few minutes, and was allowed a shower in the morning, but if you overslept then you’d have to wait until tomorrow. Finally after those many months someone opened the door and let him out. He was sent home and erased from military records.

I recently heard the version he gave to his ex-wife, that one involved going overseas and having to kill people.

Does this sound remotely plausible? The correct answer is no.

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