A Special Kind Of Stupid

That’s me. Always forgiving. Always optimistic. Always a dumbass. I’m not sure what else I can say except I can’t make it stop if I don’t stop talking to him!! And “let’s try rebuilding the friend part” isn’t working. But now I’ve heard how he’s about to run out of money. Holy hell, where have I heard this story? Oh yeah, I lived it 3 months ago!! After a few months of being accused of crap I wasn’t doing, I just got sick of it. He’d crossed the line when he got in my face. I said I wanted to live apart from him for awhile, maybe we needed some space. So what does he do? Leaves at 1am and doesn’t bother telling me where to or what he’s doing. After several weeks of crap (I’m sure I’ll fill you in later) something crazy happened; he ran out of money. So he came back. And said he was going to work on his marriage, and I had no say in it. So here were are again, last week I was Satan and this week he loves me again……could it be because he’s almost out of money?

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