The Man I Fell In Love With

He was funny, good looking, charming, romantic. He was exactly what my  perpetually insecure little brain needed. He was always willing to reassure me, he would text me those texts every giddy school girl wants; good morning, goodnight. He made me feel beautiful and sexy and truly wanted. He was patient with me when I’d end up on some crazy emotional limb, he’d talk sense into me and I’d feel 100x better. He could rationalize things I couldn’t word quite right.

He rubbed my feet after work, he made me breakfast in bed, he woke up with a huge smile for me everyday. He let me sleep when I was working night shift, he’d clean the house……almost as good as a woman would. Haha! He cooked dinner for the kids often, he’d make cookies, cakes, muffins for nothing. Just randomly surprise the kids.

He took them fishing, he built this awesome fort in the woods with them. He decorated the house for a Halloween party one year, he did an Easter egg hunt one year. He took us to play putt-putt and swimming at a pond in the mountains. We did things together, we are dinner together, we helped the kids together.

I remember the exact moment he started changing. I made the comment “you used to reassure me when I was insecure”. He replied “we’ve been together long enough now that you shouldn’t need constant reassurance”. And he just evolved from there.

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