The Arrest

October 2011

We were in the car one afternoon at the beginning of our relationship. This random guy shows up and he shoos the guy away. I said “what was that about”? His reply “he owes me money and i don’t want to deal with him right now.”

I’m not a stupid person (I promise, really I’m not) so I said if you’re doing anything dumb you need to know I’ll be out of here so fast your head will spin! He didn’t really say anything. Later that night he confessed and said the guy owed him money for a pain pill. He said his sister was trying to sell pills for extra money because she was a single mom. Him being the protective big brother, was just helping her because she didn’t have a lot of street smarts. He promised me he just wouldn’t do that anymore. It wasn’t important to him and he’d rather have me around.

It seems like it was a Thursday, but I don’t remember exactly. I kept texting him and he’d never reply, after awhile I got worried and texted his sister and she never replied either. Like most normal people, I was getting worried. That evening I got a phone call and the lady on the other end asked if I was who I am…..and I said yes and she handed the phone over to him. He was sobbing “I’m so sorry! I promise I stopped when I said I would! My charges are all before I promised you that I wouldn’t do it anymore! I swear!” And his sister was in jail too. In fact four people that all worked together were arrested that morning for pushing pills.

What did my dumbass do? Got him a lawyer. I believed him. He stopped and somehow was already caught before he quit. It was his sister that got him into this mess and I could afford it without a problem. So I got him lawyer and got him out of jail. His sister spent another week there.

He maintained it was her fault; she’s 10 or so years younger. He also said he was talking to the arresting officer and he was going to help the police find out where the pills were coming in from and the people involved. He called me one night crying. Going on and on hysterically about being in the back of a car and on his way to a big drug supplier and because they had gotten suspicious, he had a gun held up to his head. He was telling me how scared he was and if anything happened to him please know how much he loved me. I heard some female tell him to “shut up!” I was upset and scared for him and just worried to death. Somehow I ended up texting his ex-wife. She said she had spoken to him earlier that afternoon and he was at the ABC store and that she had talked to him minutes prior and he was at home.

When he drinks his mind goes off to the strangest places. When he drinks he tells the most elaborate detailed stories of his past. I did mention the drug dealer gun to the head story to him later and all he had to say was “yeah, that was scary stuff”

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