The Rabbit Hole


So how did I get on this road? I met him when I was 23. I adored him as a friend at the time and it was always great to see him and talk to him. He got married and drifted in and out of our lives…….with a lot of left out story; basically he was on a bad road and I could tell. But I saw him on Facebook and I thought “I wonder what’s going on these days with this asshole”……..yep, my true thought. Sent him a FR and he accepted. We started talking, which led to more talking, which led to laughing and late night chats online.

I was separating, he was separated. We just bonded and I can only speak for myself but it was because I remembered how much I adored him long ago. He told me what he’d experienced and why he left his wife, which led to how much he’d changed and was getting his life back on track.

We decided to meet in person, it had been awhile. I drove to where he was staying and he took me to a pond in the middle of a farm. It was warm and there was a full moon out that night. We sat and talked for hours. He told me about leaving his wife because of their escalating drug and alcohol use, but he realized he needed to get away and come back to where his family lived. A story of survival, a story of inspiration, a story lacking some important facts.

Inevitably, we ended up kissing, “making out”, whatever it’s called in your 30’s. Haha! The light came from the moon, it was quiet, it was warm for a September night……….it was the perfect beginning to the point of no return.

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