I was told to keep a journal, everything he said and did, how it affected me or any of the kids, any screenshots relevant; in case we ended up in a big court custody battle. Only two people have a link to that journal and everything it contains. But I have shared several of my experiences just so you can see exactly what my life has been like for……going on 7 months now. SEVEN MONTHS?!?? I’m still adding a journal entry here and there, so you may see something “archived” that I just added.

Everything from here forward is simply the daily life, thoughts, ventings that I continue to have. No one is named and no locations disclosed. It just amazes me that this shit just keeps going. Part of it is my fault. Part of it is his fault (in fact I’ll give him the bigger portion)

I’m not a stupid person, I’m barely even a gullible person. But I DO see the good in people (even when it’s not even there?) I think everyone deserves love, but I am having to let go of the illusion that loving someone simply isn’t enough. I am a “saver””rescuer” by nature. But I can not save or rescue everyone ūüėě

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